Hollywood heavy-hitters Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones suspected on verge of divorce

Hollywood heavy-hitters Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones are rumored to be on the verge of a divorce. This on the heel of numerous stresses on their marriage not the least of which is Ms Jones’ courageous battle against bipolar disorder and Mr Douglas’ bout with throat cancer. It could not have helped the fragile circumtances when Mr Douglas announced earliar this year to le monde entier that his cancer was due to certain intimate sexual practices that he ostensibly shared with his wife and other women over the course of his 68 years of life. and god only knows howw many of those involved sexual activity. But, for chrissakes, what was he implying with his now infamous disclosure? And did he seriously think the marriage could survive whatever it was he was hinting at? For pete’s sakes?
Things that make you go “ew.”
The couple have two young children, Dylan and Carys. This hopefully will be an opportunity for them to practice post-divorce cooperation –assuming they take that ultimate step which should come as no surprise to anyone — rather than go at each other’s throats for décades the way Alec Baldwin and Kim Bassinger did. And the latter (Baldwin and Bassinger) were not dealing with the heavy burdens that the former is having to circumnavigate so this thing could really go nuclear in public as it is likely doing in private — sort of like the War of Douglasses, no pun intended.
They have a prenup in place, which according to sources contains a cheating clause. That means that if one or the other were caught cheating during the marriage, that would weigh upon the distriution of assets to some degree. At this juncture, there is no indication that either of the two have been anything but 100 percent faithful to the other during the marriage so infidelity is not expected to play a role in any community property scheme.
The couple does own a lot of resources including an amalgamation of impressive real estate with properties in California, Mallorca, Bermuda and New York. As well as fattened bank accounts, investment holdings and income from movies. Mr Douglas has obviousy had a more prolific career than Ms. Jones. But she hasn’t done too badly for herself all things considering. It will be interesting to see who they each move on with. Follow up mates for the two of them will need to be incredibly brave. Ms Jones needs a man who can handle the fact that, well, she’s bipolar. And Mr Douglas,  well, his health realities are cause for pause. At the very least. Wouldn’t you say?