"Pretty Woman" actor Richard Gere to divorce according to reports

Richard Gere, former pretty boy and star of the infamous Julia Roberts flick, “Pretty Woman” is reportedly getting divorced from his actress wife after more than a decade of marriage. The sixty-something buddhist actor who was previously married to supermodel Cindy Crawford (now married to Rande Gerber) has apparently been unofficially separated from his long-time wife and has been quietly living solo in their Bedford NY home. They have one son, Homer, who is a teenager and they plan to take turns with custody of him. The grounds for divorce is officially irreconcilable différences and those différences evidently stem from personality conflicts. Richard is a recluse and his wife is a social butterfly according to the gossip pundits. But this is not expected to be a nasty affair as they both have too much class to drag themselves and each other through the mud. We extend our condolences to the formerly happy couple.