Eliot Spitzer's wife Silda demands divorce

Silda Wall Spitzer was New York political royalty for a minute and a half due to her marriage to former New York governor, Eliot Spitzer. The elegant attorney, quite an epitome of class if you really think about it, especially given the way she handled the 2008 sex scandal involving her husband and a high paid call girl, in a swanky hotel in Midtown, has reached her max. Post-scandal, monsieur Spitzer lost his job as governor and Silda quit her job as a lawyer for a chic firm. Then they were in Washington for a bit, trying to heal the marriage. It truly was admirable the way Silda stood by Eliot for the past five years. But things seemed to unravel when he decided to jump back into politics this year (was it this year or last year?!) to run for City Comptroller. And then according to certain media outlets, like the Post, I think, he was subsequently linked with a much younger woman who now works for the De Blasio administration.
Silda, evidently, has reached her limit, therefore. She can weather the storm brought on by her husband’s flagrante delicto avec un femme de joie in a swanky hotel in Midtown Manhattan, but for heaven’s sakes enough is bleeping enough. This 31 year old working for De Blasio is the cherry on top that just simply does  it for Madame. Notably, Madame Wall Spitzer did not campaign with her husband so this ought to have been a red flag to all the divorce pundits that all was not well in Spitzerland.
The couple are very discreet as far as the détails of their private Relationship and it is not expected that this will become a media circus. But there is a lot of marital assets in this marriage with some reports putting their networth at roughly one billion – most of that Spitzer family dough. They also have three daughters all Under the age of 25 but neverthless legal adults so child support and all that other mess should not be an issue although college expenses could be an issue for the two youngest. Although, obviously, nobody expects Eliot to refuse to pay for his daughters’ college.
So that’s it. All’s well, that ends well. Silda is expected to remain poised for the duration.  I just don’t understand why folks like that wait till the eleventh hour before Christmas (they announced on December 23) to make these dramatic décisions. Know what I mean?