Georgia Divorce attorney wins defamation/libel case against client (ABA Journal)

According to the ABA Journal, a Georgia divorce attorney has won a legal battle against a client who the attorney claims lied to her during his initial consultation and then proceeded to defame her online when it came time to pay by posting on random blogs that she was a “crooked attorney.” The attorney had noticed that her phones had stopped ringing and when she googled herself, she discovered the malicious utterings all over the Internet. She hired a company to do some checking into the  issue and discovered that the IP address from where the malicious and defamatory words came, could be traced to the former client. She sued him for defamation among other charges and won 400K. He appealed the case but the judgment against him was upheld. His new attorney claims that it was a question of “credibility” between the divorce attorney and the former client. He said it was because the former client had an “accent.”
Be that as it may, if the attorney has not been “crooked” in her work and representation of her clients, then by all means she was right to sue to defend her name. Truth matters. If the attorney is crooked, then please. Yes. Expose this person so that they can’t harm other clients. But if this person has conducted themselves honorably and followed the rules and laws only to have a malicious person attack them online with vicious, defamatory lies? Sue the sons of bitches for every dime possible – and then some.  Take back your name from these monsters and bullies. Enough is enough. More lawyers and people similarly attacked need to put their feet down on this nonsense.
I’m just saying.
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