Faberge Eggs at Center of Johnny Weir Divorce

The Weir Divorce: Louis Vuitton Bags and Fabergé Eggs
Why does this make me giggle? Here I am, as far as one can get away from everything imaginable, trying to work on my ashtanga yoga when I keep getting persistent emails from my friends on the East Coast of the United States that I’ve got to blog about Johnny Weir on Divorce Saloon! “Who is Johnny Weir,” I ask, exasperated? “Why do I need to blog about him? I am retired. I do not blog anymore. I am trying to work on my yoga!” But she insists. “No, Please. This is a fascinating story. Everybody is talking about it. And what do you mean who is Johnny Weir? He won an olympic gold medal for heaven’s sakes! Wake up and smell the coffee!” faberge egg - flickr creative commons
“Oh, that Johnny Weir! He was married?!” I am faking. I just want to get back to my yoga. “Yes. It is a big scandal,” she says.
Well, now I am intrigued.  I Google the guy because I had no idea who he is.  And  there is this story about the Fabergé eggs and the Balenciaga bags and the Louis Vuitton luggage and I just go to pièces. I just simply go to pièces. I can no longer hold my yoga pose. I fall into a crumple of mirth unto the floor.
I mean, for heaven’s sakes! People in Syria and Crimea are dying! Why is this a scandal? So what? Would this be so scandalous  if it were a man and a woman? How many heterosexual couples get divorced after two years of marriage and have a dispute about who pays who what and who gets the expensive luggage and the fertilized eggs?
Is it because Johnny and Victor are gay? If some celebrity who just got married like, oh, I don’t know, Halle Berry or somebody had a fight over luggage and faberge eggs would it be so interesting?… Well, I gotta say, maybe. It is not the gay. It is the celebrity. This is interesting because he is a celebrity and then on top of that he is gay.  So, oye!
But I mean, seriously, what about those eggs?! He has to sell those to keep this man he was married to for 2 years – Victor Voronov or something like that – living in the lap of luxury till the judge says when? Seriously?
Just goes to show you. Marriage is bad news whether you marry the same sex or the different sex.
Well, back to my yoga. Tomorrow, the Taj Mahal.