Conscious uncoupling: Gwyneth Paltrow loses Goop CEO days after she announces split from Cris Martin

gwyneth paltrowOur dear Friend Gwyneth Paltrow is going through stormy weather. First she “consciously uncouples” from her husband of 10 years, Cris Martin. Then, her grandmother dies in Florida. Now, her CEO of her lifestyle magazine Goop has quit. According to Page Six, Paltrow apparently wants to relocate the headquarters for Goop to Los Angeles where she recently bought a house to be “near her mother.” And evidently, she also wants to sever ties with London where Martin is domiciled. So the short of it is that her CEO Seb Bishop who allegedly is quite talented and was a good fit for the role as CEO has thrown in his resignation rather than uproot his family from London to Los Angeles.  When it rains it pours. But eventually the sun does come out. Thank God. So Gwynie should keep that in mind. (foto From flickr creative commons)