Billionaire Harold Hamm gets to keep controlling interest in Continental Resources – premarital property says judge

Harold Hamm is one of the richest oilmen in America with an estimated fortune in excess of $19 billion dollars. A former gas attendant and gas pumper, the Oklahoma businessman  went on to found a multi-billion dollar company called Continential Resources Рa publicly traded company. His soon to be ex-wife Sue Ann, whom he married in 1988 in Las Vegas according to reports, filed for divorce a couple of years ago. This was not her first filing but it looks to be that she is serious this time. She and her lawyers are alleged to be giving Harold and his lawyers major headaches with all the subponeas and dépositions and demands for documents from the various companies that Harold owns stock and shares.
In a recent court decision, Mr hamm secured a victory against his wife when the judge ruled that Hamm could keep his “controlling interest in Oklahoma City-based Continental Resources Inc. as part of any settlement of his ongoing divorce case.” Evidently, the judge has determined that this interest is “pre-marital property. This is a huge win for Hamm when you consider that the stock is Worth nearly $16 billion dollars. Read more here.