Who has a tougher time with divorce? Stay-at-home moms or working moms?

Who has a tougher time with divorce? Stay at home moms or working moms?

tougher time with divorce
tougher time with divorce

This question begs asking: Do women handle divorce differently depending on whether they are stay at home moms or career women?
We do not have a scientific answer to this question as we have not used any reliable methodologies to posit a theory. But if we had to guess, we would say it probably skews more towards stay-at-home moms having a tougher time with divorce than working moms. Sure, this is a huge generalization. Just because a woman works outside the home does not mean she is any less affected by a divorce.
Look at Bethenny Frankel. The girl is a mess. And she is the ultimate career woman and she can’t keep a stiff upper lip about her divorce for anything. Vis a vis some stay at home moms like….well I can’t think of any famous ones who took it in stride lately.  It really ultimately depends on the woman.
But the point being that it is not totally unreasonable to surmise that a stay at home mom is probably more sort of invested in this thing working out than a career mom who works outside the home. A career mom wants her marriage to work too; but it is not all she has. It is not all that she is about. She seems to have a bit more balance in her life just by virtue of having work outside the home; something else that matters to her than just the husband and the kids. Not that there is anything ipso facto wrong with husband and kids being all that matters. And besides, the stay at home mom could have a home business too. She could be a writer or something. But many just have the kids, the playdates and the keeping a clean and happy home with the warm dinner for hubby when he comes home. This is her career. She puts everything into it and when it fails, well, it is not hard to imagine that it is a huge and devastating blow to her ego, psyche, and equilibrium and raison d’etre.
So our money is on stay at home moms as having a tougher time with a divorce (especially when there are kids involved) than a working outside the home mom. What do you think?
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