The Divorce Lawyer: How to pick a divorce attorney or solicitor


How to Pick a Divorce Lawyer (or solicitor): Client Rights and Responsibilities

How well do you know your rights and responsibilities when hiring, dealing with, firing or paying your divorce attorney? Take the quiz and find out.
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About this quiz: “The Divorce Attorney: Client Rights and Responsibilities Quiz” is a quiz designed by Divorce Saloon to help you to develop and raise your level of divorce intelligence or your “Divorce IQ.”   Specifically, with this quiz, we aim to help you understand your relationship with your lawyer. The higher your divorce intelligence, obviously the better protected you will be in a divorce situation. With our custom designed quizzes, we test you using various variables such as personal, financial, custody, and legal.  This quiz is brought to you by the Divorce Saloon Divorce Quizzes Series , a registered copyright of Divorce Saloon.

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