When and where should divorce lawyers advertise?

Divorce Lawyer advertising

Attorney advertising, always controversial, is a form of protected commercial speech pursuant to the First Amendment and the Supreme Court decision in, was it Bates v. State Bar of Arizona…..?  Well, whatever the case was, it has been well established that attorney advertising is permissible and that it would be unconstitutional for state bars to forbid lawyers to advertise their services. However, the bars can certainly police this advertising, and they do. And many lawyers have found themselves in hot water for coloring outside the lines with what some consider “misleading” or “degrading” or even “tasteless” advertising. I believe a divorce attorney in Florida got in trouble recently for just being too “sleazy” with a YouTube ad that went viral, where he tried to brand himself as this great divorce lawyer and he basically called potential clients’ exes, vermin and other pejorative.

The conventional wisdom seems to be that if you can avoid “pimping” out your services (is this a good context for that word?) by advertising, in whatever medium? Avoid it. That is what the snootier among us think, that it is “classier” if a lawyer does not have to advertise. In any type of forum. Ever. And it says a lot when a lawyer can make money and get referrals and clients without having to advertise. That means that their reputation speaks for them and there is no need for them to open themselves to “ridicule” by putting themselves out there. This is the creme de la creme among us. The ultra elite.
However, for a huge cross-section of modern lawyers with a ton of student loan debts, a dearth of contacts, a glut of competitors, and shallow pockets, advertising is an absolute essential component of their business. Without it, they don’t eat.
So, the question posed is when and where should a lawyer advertise? As to the “when” the answer is whenever the lawyer wants to and thinks that he or she should. As to the where? Below are some ideas. See if any of them tickle your fancy:

Blogs, Websites, forums
Email Marketing (Example Constant Contact)
Online Classified Ads (Example, Divorce Saloon Classifieds)
Google AdSense
Bar Association Referrals
Attorney Directories (Example, Lawyers.com, findlaw.com, Avvo)
Television spots
Internet video spots
Sponsorship events
The side of a city bus….(is that too “sleazy”?)

If you have any other ideas that I haven’t thought of, feel free to let me know. While you’re keeping it real, please feel free to place an ad in our ATTORNEY DIRECTORY. Or you can place a free classified ad on this blog here: http://www.divorcesaloon.com/classifieds/place-ad/. And good luck with your advertising campaign.