Roderick Tyrrell, a top divorce solicitor in Dublin Ireland, discusses Divorce trends and laws with Divorce Saloon (audio)

Comparatively speaking, Divorce in Ireland is very much like divorce in the United States. Many of the laws pertaining to equitable distribution and custody, prenups and marital residence are almost identical. On a recent trip to Ireland, our very own Divorce Saloon Special International Correspondent sat down with Dublin divorce Solicitor Roderick Tyrrell to discuss the comparative differences between Divorce in Ireland and the U.S.
Roderick Tyrrell Solicitor (2) Profile of Roddy Tyrrell
Roderick is the principal of Tyrrell Solicitors in Dublin, Ireland. He manages which is one of the most visited online guides to Irish law featuring a comprehensive section on family law and divorce. Roderick has a speciality practice servicing overseas clients who were previously domiciled in Ireland and have legacy family law or probate issues in that jurisdiction. More bio info is available here
*Correction: Divorce Saloon’s interviewer incorrectly stated that most of the United States follows the Community Property scheme like California. In fact most US states use the “equitable distribution” model. Only 9-10 states are community property states. These include: Arizona, California, Idaho, Louisiana, Nevada, New Mexico, Texas, Washington and Wisconsin.