10 Ways to Get More Clients – A Primer for Divorce Lawyers and divorce experts

10 Ways to Get More Clients – A Primer for Divorce Lawyers and Divorce Experts

If a divorce lawyer or solicitor can’t make it rain clients, your divorce practice cannot survive. This is a basic axiom of attorney business development strategists. An attorney has to be able to make it rain. But how? This is hardly a skill practiced or taught in law school. At least it wasn’t in the 1990s. On top of that, family law is a tough and competitive area of law. It has the most lawyers who congregate in it and for that reason, there isn’t enough clients to go around sometmes.  This is true locally and internationally as well – even though International Divorce is a little bit less crowded since it requires perhaps a higher level of expertise and sophistication and legal know how.
Here are a few business development strategies from some of the nation’s top marketing strategists:

1.  Figure out whether your marketing techniques are effective and if they are not, do something about it. Ask yourself the five W’s: Who, What, Why, Where, When and How. Who are you targeting? What are you saying or conveying? Why are you using this particular strategy? Where is the best place to use this strategy? When should you go in and when you should you pull out? How should you go about the execution of the whole thing? Key questions.
2.  Join as many organizations as you can without collapsing from exhaustion but try not to make it all “lawyeresque” stuff. Try other types of organizations where clients are likely to congregate. Churches and synagogues are the obvious thing but you want to be active so everyone knows you. Read at Church on Sundays so you are in front of the congregation; play the organ; join the choir; teach sunday school.
3. Join the PTA of your children’s school and get to know the parents and the teachers in the school. Try not to be too abrasive and controversial. The point is to get them to like you enough to send you business and refer you to their friends.
4. Do a press releases about your firm at least every 3 months.
5. Develop a niche. Become the go to person in this niche. You should be known as the expert in this niche. The goal here is to become the superlative. The Best. Quality, Competence. Trustworthiness. Results. Consider doing just one thing and doing it really well: like prenups, or gay divorces, or custody battles or international divorce. Then everything you do should pertain to your niche – your website, medua appearances, CLEs, everything.
5. Teach CLE courses in your niche. Teach continuing adult education courses as well. Create the course and offer it free of charge either at one of the organizations you already belong to, or to organizations that offer Continuing adult education courses within your niche. They may not realize they need the course until you create it. The course could be called “How to file your own uncontested Divorce.”  But you could end up getting direct or referred business from it.
6. Put a rating system on your blog and encourage clients to rate you. Obviously retain control of the admin of your own blog so that you can manage the system in a fair and measured way. Work on getting a lot of high ratings on your and other people’s blogs. Once Google picks this up, your golden.
7. Get into putting videos on youtube that  are informative, interesting and memorable. Do not use gimmicks. remember to KISS it. That means: Keep it Short and Simple. Always think about the details. What are you wearing? How do you sound? What’s in the background of the shot?
8. Join a newsletter marketing company like Constant Contact and send out emails at least once a month to former clients and others on your email list. You goal is to keep growing your list and keeping your firm in their minds as much as possible. But do not overdo it and send too many as this and backfire if you become annoying.
9.  Join Toastmasters. Perfect your public speaking techniques and meet like-minded people. Start giving speeches wherever you have an audience.
10. Invest in social media advertising. Use your network to grow your network.