Test your Divorce Vocabulary

Test Your Divorce Vocabulary: Take the Quiz

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After you finish a question, keep clicking next to the end of the quiz. The questions are in random order. The correct answer is explained in a brief explanatory paragraph after each question which is sent to you. When you are totally finished, hit “submit quiz” and wait to get your answers by email. Usually you receive an email to confirm that the admin has received your test. Then you get a second email with your answers and score. Good luck!

About this quiz: “The Divorce Vocabulary  Quiz” is a quiz designed by Divorce Saloon to help you figure out your level of divorce intelligence or your “Divorce IQ.”   The higher your divorce intelligence, obviously the better protected you will be in a divorce situation. We test you using various variables such as personal, financial, custody, and legal.  This quiz is brought to you by the Divorce Saloon Divorce Quizzes Series, a registered copyright of Divorce Saloon.