CANADA: Is Walmart the New Venue for getting legal assistance with uncontested divorces?

Apparently Walmart is now leasing office space to lawyers who provide quickie low cost legal services to Walmart Shoppers. It has started in Ontario Canada and is expected to pick up in the United States before long. Interesting concept, maybe even brilliant if  you really think about it. It could be the answer for lawyers who want more than a virtual office but cannot afford a full lease on office space. According to the article by the ABA Journal:

Wal-Marts in the United States could lease office space to lawyers or it could dive “into the DIY game” by selling form documents, the Strategist says.
“Take a legal system that prices services out of the reach of middle and low income individuals,” the blog says, “add in favorable rulings for legal services providers (like LegalZoom) that aren’t exactly law firms, toss in tens of thousands of unemployed lawyers, and you have an unserved market, a tempting business model, a cheap labor supply, and a distribution network already in place.”

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