On sex

How long have homosapiens been having sex? And when will they stop? Sex has always (and probably will always) complicated everything. It is complicated in marriage and it is complicated in divorce. Aren’t you amazed by how impactful sex can be? Sex can literally drive a married couple to divorce. The basis of the discontent could be anything from quantity to quality to “identity.” By the latter I mean, if the sex is with someone other than the spouse, it could spell marital disaster. In most states in America, a person can get a divorce on the basis of “constructive abandonment.” That means, no sex. After divorce, sex can still complicate. Because now parties need to find new people to have sex with – an inherently complicated quest.
The consequences of sex can also have an impact during marriage and after marriage – namely, children. And this présents challenges for divorce lawyers. Sex makes kids. It has a weird way of turning into that. Kids can be good for a marriage or they can destroy it. It all depends. After marriage, sex that resulted in kids can indirectly be blamed for all the custody fights, child support dodging, deadbeats, abductions and even murders. Sex can vicariously impact innocent third parties too. Those who come in after the fact to begin “blended” families with individuals who used to have sex with somebody else. The child support payments, the resentful and angry former spouse, the step-parenting challenges, all of that. Blame it on sex. If everybody simply stopped having sex, life would be infinitely less complicated. As would marriage. As would divorce.
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