10 common divorce myths – this includes international divorces

Below are 10 common myths that people tend to have about divorce:
1. The other party has to “agree” to the divorce. (No they don’t. You can unilaterally decide to end your marriage without their accord.)
2. Mom will always get custody of young children. (No she won’t; not necessarily. A lot of fathers get custody.)
3. The marital residence will always go to the person who gets custody. (No, this is false; it depends on a lot of variables.)
4.  Celebrities and high networth individuals always get preferential treatment. (No, just look at what happened to that American actress who was married to the guy that got custody and took the children to France.)
5. Celebrities “owe” their spouses half their income and assets after a divorce. (No. It depends on the parties’ agreement and who brought what to the marriage as well as where the marriage and divorce take place.)
6. Prenups will always protect you. (No. It depends on the situation and the circumstances Under which the prenup was drafted and executed.)
7. Maintenance payments are for life. (No. This is true less and less; it depends on where you are filing and the age of the parties and other variables.)
8.  The more affluent spouse has to pay for college and private schools expenses. (Not necessarily. It depends on the standard of living during the marriage. And usually the two parents are responsible; but if this is a very high networth situation, the courts may order if. It depends. There are no hard and fast rules.)
9. The judge can refuse to give you a divorce. (No, but the judge can cause delays depending on the situation; ultimately you will get your divorce.)
10. You are always better off filing for divorce in your home country. (No, sometimes it is better to file where you are depending on the jurisdictional rules and the substantive and procedural aspects of your home country vs where you are.)