Elena Rybolovlev wins 4.4 billion divorce judgment but can she collect a dime?

Russian billionaire Dmitry Rybolovlev has finally learned how much he will have to pay his estranged wife Elena. It is the modest sum of 4.4 billion dollars. This would make the Rybolovlev settlement  the biggest divorce payout of all time, or at least put it in the top 3.  This is a major haul for  Elena and her lawyer. The judge basically went community property and split the assets 50/50 since the fertilizer Tycoon was Worth only 8 billion.  The only question is whether Elena will be able to collect any of it.  The husband’s attorney has vowed to appeal and this could keep the case locked into the “judicial purgatory” for another decade or longer. But a win is a win. Even if only on paper.