BELGIUM: Belgian hotelier Didier Thiry sentenced to 4 months in prison for contempt of divorce court

All the crazy divorce cases and dramas seem to be happening in London these days, don’t you think? No wonder the city has the reputation it has as the DIVORCE CAPITAL OF THE WORLD. Good grief. Now taking their bow are the Thirys – Didier and Alisa Thiry to be exact. The multimillionaire couple is having a squabble over a loan that was made during the marriage by Mrs Thiry to her husband Didier back in 2004. She got this money, according to the UK Telegraph, from her divorce settlement from her first husband Stephen Marks, owner and founder of French Connection UK – FCUK. According to news sources, Mrs Thiry took first husband Marks to the cleaners and now it appears that her second husband Didier could conceivably take her to the cleaners as well.and some of her frenemies see this as “poetic justice.”
Alisa Thiry meanwhile  apparently loaned Didier close to 14 million pounds of her 40 million divorce settlement from Stephen Marks to fund some of Didier’s business ventures including the swanky black/white hotel in Brussels called the Hotel Odette.
Mrs Thiry has a lot to lose if her husband does not provide the requested documents and information that the court has requested of him. Indeed, he is being accused of hiding assets, including the proceeds of the loan. This is precisely the reason he has been held in contempt of court and has been ordered by the British court prison for 4 months. But he has not yet turned himself in and has vowed never to return to Britain where, he says, “the coffee is horrible.” Can he be extradited? That is a very good question. I certainly do not know the answer to that question at this time.
Que meme. In the meantime, Alisa is nervous since it is unclear that the parties have executed an enforceable prenuptial agreement.  The former Elle Magazine editor has a lot to lose including a posh house in Nottinghill, an ocean front villa in St. Barts and a place in the Hamptons in New York.
Stay tuned for updates.