BROOKLYN: "Divorce gangs" in Orthodox community a rising menace but is the Jewish divorce "get" extortion scheme a worldwide problem?

The recent arrest of a cadre of rabbis and other Jewish men who tried to muscle other Jewish men into giving their estranged wives a “get” raises some very disturbing questions including, how widespread is this practice? Is this unique to the New York Jewish community? Or is it found in other enclaves around the world in Europe and the Middle East where stubborn Jewish husbands have forced their wives to become agunahs by refusing to give her the “get” so that she can be officially “unchained” and move on post divorce?
In case you missed the story, a bunch of Brooklyn Rabbis where recently arrested and charged with extortion and other crimes for trying to force a Jewish husband to give his wife a get in exchange for 100,000 dollars. This seems to happen more often than people realize in the Orthodox Jewish communities where “divorce gangs” seem to wreak havoc on recalcitrant men in exchange for big bucks.
This conceivably could  happening elsewhere where Orthodox communities abound such as in Israel because many husbands in these communities refuse to unchain their wives leading her and her family to take desperate action. But to imagine that rabbis are at the center of these types of schemes leaves one breathless with shock. What will happen next, for heaven’s sakes?  Read more on this story here.