PLAY: Divorce party planning for "conscious uncouplers" like Gwyneth and Chris is big business

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On Celebrating Divorce…
The Independent, a UK paper has written an article about divorce parties and how they are so commonplace these days. This is not exactly a new topic for Divorce Saloon. We have been waxing poetic about divorce parties and divorce celebrations long before there was even something called Huffpost Divorce and long before people realized that divorce blogging and divorce parties were the new trends. Can you even imagine that such a time existed? But what the Independent and other prestigious publications like Huffpost divorce do is validate what we already knew was happening and have been writing about for years.
divorce party
Isn’t it remarkable that people have started to celebrate their divorces just as much as they celebrate their wedding? This is fantastically encouraging in my view. It has certainly opened up new industries and have created many new jobs and job titles like “Divorce Party Planner” and “Divorce Celebration Specialist,” among others. The trend seems to have started in UK and then spread to the US, although my research on that is scant so it could be the other way around and forgive me if it is. But that is hardly the main point.
The main point is that divorcing couples who are “conscious uncouplers” types rather than War of the Roses types (increasingly a passe, embarrassing group) handle their divorces with the highest degree of maturity and class. And why not?  We have always been of the school of thought that when life gives you lemons you should bake a bread. Hence the reason we wrote posts like: How to Make Divorce Bread, 25 Divorce Gift ideas and a few others like “Divorce Pancakes” and “Divorce Margaritas” that were meant to promote this idea of divorce as being not so much the end of something, but the beginning of a new life and new freedom – which in its own right might well be delicious, enjoyable and exciting the way the marriage used to be before it got tired and imploded. In other words, it’s all about looking on the brighter side of things.
For this new breed of conscious uncouplers, being glamorous throughout the divorce process is Paramount. These folks have great style in everything they do, including ending their marriage. Kudos to them. They are choosing to have parting cérémonies in places like Napa Valley and honeymoons (together!) in places like St. Barts and Antigua and Bahamas (like Gywnnie and Chris). They are taking time out at destination spas at some of the world’s most lavish locales. They are ordering bespoke divorce cakes and going on post divorce shopping sprees for everything from bags to houses – and hiring interior decorators to do their new digs. They really get into celebrating the promise of their new, post-divorce life. Just like with a wedding they are also wearing white dresses and tuxes and are choosing to see this event in their lives not as a “death” or “end” but as a celebration of freedom. Heck, they are even having “divorce anniversaries!”
We definitely approve.
And why not? Life is just too short to spend time being insane and bitter just because one of your marriages has ended.
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