Halle Berry & Olivier Martinez divorce rumours true or false?

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It is not yet a year since Halle Berry married French actor Olivier Martinez in a cozy, private nuptial in the French countryside. But recently, there have been rumours that the couple are living apart and are on the verge of divorce. The New York Daily News and other sources are confirming that these rumours are increasing; however, the actress recently said in an interview that her husband is “delicious.” She also claimed in a recent interview that she had just watched her husband’s performance in a TV series on which he is guest starring. And she has vowed to watch it again soon. This definitely sounds like trouble. Clearly. But here at Divorce Saloon, we are going to hope for the best and¬†keep our fingers crossed for her and Olivier. They have a young son, Maceo, and Halle has a beautiful daughter named Nahla Aubry from her ¬†relationship with Canadian model Gabriel Aubry. Some time ago, Gabriel and Olivier had a nasty match up that ended up with Gabriel having a horrible black eye (and being arrested). This did not augur well for Halle. At the time we did a post about it and our conclusion was that Olivier is capable of much too much violence for comfort. Whether he was in the right or Gabriel was in the wrong, it is irrelevant. His response to the problem indicated that he could have some issues which, over time, could potentially be problematic. And Halle also has her issues. This, after all, is her third marriage. She had even sworn off marriage for years because she probably realizes that she is not very good at it.
Nevertheless, all this speculation could be for nought. There probably is no trouble in paradise and the couple are just really busy working on their various projects but are still, very much, crazy in love. Although, read this and see if you think the happiness will last….We wish them the very best.