NIGERIA: Is President Good Luck Jonathan's daughter Faith Sakwe's wedding dress bad luck?

Nigerian president Good Luck Jonathan and his wife Patience Jonathan’s daughter tied the knot in a white dress back in April in Nigeria. It was a strange dress from my point of view for any number of reasons not the least of which was the fact that it was white. But the style was a little bit bizarre from my perspective. I saw a shot of it while it was still on the hanger and it was ok. But all the shots of her wearing it, I was underwhelmed to put it mildly.
To her credit, Faith Sakwe is a beautiful girl and she chose the most beautiful bridesmaids dresses for her beautiful bridesmaids. The bridesmaids were gorgeous and really, in spite of the bride’s dress, it was an amazing ceremony. This marriage is expected to be solid. These two are unlikely to divorce, even though the divorce rate in Nigeria has been rising lately. Why is the marriage expected to last? Well, this is a couple who met in high school. There is nothing glossy and slick about their nuptial. But it is left to be seen how things actually play out. Good luck to the happy couple and as far as the dress? The tail end of it would make a pretty bridal pillow and the top can be turned into a nice blouse or sheath. Or something. Or better yet, save if for the future and if the marriage does implode, put it in a bonfire and call it a day. It just wasn’t my favorite wedding dress by any stretch of my overactive imagination. I’m sorry….But it could be jealousy. Maybe I am just jealous. Did you hear the assortment of gifts this woman and her guests received from her father?!