Jane Fonda and Ted Turner's post divorce frienship should be an inspiration for all ex spouses

Jane Fonda and Ted Turner are best friends. They call each other twice a month and send weekly emails to each other. They appear on talk shows like Oprah and process  profess their undying love for each other, to wit, http://www.oprah.com/oprahshow/Janes-First-Interview-with-Ted-Turner-Since-Their-Divorce-Video.
It is evident that these two have a deep and abiding bond in spite of the fact that they were unable to hold on to their marriage – and it seems this was due to Ted’s constant piccadilloes and forays with other women but who knows the truth?
What is also crystal clear is that there is real affection and even respect there notwithstanding their past divorce. What is the reason for this? How can this couple, in their after-divorce season, remain so civil and cordial, even though, clearly, their marriage was not a totally happy and respectful situation (otherwise they would still be married)? Moreover, how come there was no acrimonious split or vicious divorce trial between this billionaire and the reknowned American icon?
There are a couple of factors which perhaps are at play here:
1. Their age (they are just too old to go through all that)
2. Their even yoking (this was a marriage of equals in many ways so no one really had to prove anything)
3. Ted gave Jane a fair settlement (probably better than she could reasonably have expected to get in even the most vicious divorce trial with the biggest pitbull divorce attorney)
4. Both have found new people to love (Ted reportedly has 4 girlfriends and Jane has a long-standing boyfriend)
5. Someone of them (or both) still secretly has the hots for the other (Ted is rumored to still be in love with Jane and the way Jane looks at Ted it is clear that she loves him still too.)
6. There were  no underage kids to fight over (This again is due to the advanced age of this couple)
7. Maybe they each had too much mutual dirt on each other to make a public spectacle worth their while and again, not enough gains from such a spectacle, only loss of privacy and self-respect
8. Their kids must have had something to do with it. They both seem to be close to each other’s kids and with this blended family that took time to form, it wasn’t in anybody’s interest to be anything but friends.
Well, I have run out of reasons. This is really just to say kudos to Ted and Jane for being so civil in their post-divorce era. It is gratifying to know that this is possible in this day and age.