Is Halle Berry being ripped off with this $16,000 per month child support to Gabriel Aubry?

Halle Berry cannot catch a break! She has very bad luck with men or maybe men have bad luck with her. Who knows? But days after rumors that her third marriage to French bad boy actor Olivier Martinez is on the rocks hit the headlines, (or maybe it was before because the child support order was apparently issued at the end of May) she has been hit with another blow. The California Superior Court (or is there a separate Family Court?) has ordered the Academy winning actress to pay her ex boyfriend $16,000 in child support per month! Holy crap! And get this: she also has to pay back child support to the tune of nearly $150,000 dollars. This sounds rather excessive to me. Doesn’t it sound excessive to you?
I understand that she is rich and I did some research on her “net-worth” and Forbes is bringing her in at around $70 million. But what does that even mean? Is this cash? Real estate? Bankability of her name? How are they even coming up with this figure?
At the rate at which they are going poor girl won’t have a dime left when she is old and needs her money to pay for her retirement. She has to pay this guy till Nahla is 19 years old or in college whichever happens first. $16,000 per month (and what is to stop him from going in and demanding an upward modification?) This is  a lot of money! How did the courts calculate this? Halle and Gabriel do share joint custody of Nahla. So I am assuming that is joint legal and physical or at least joint physical. But Nahla costs $16,000 per month to take care of?! I don’t believe it. What needs does this child have, half time, that amount to $16,000 per month? This is a travesty as far as I am concerned. Totally ridiculous. The judge threw the book at Halle and in a way, it is like sending her a message, that she is lucky she gets to keep custody of Nahla at all. Which, it has always been my position that she was playing with fire with the fights she and Gabriel were having.
I fear for this girl because if the rumors are true about her marriage to French guy Olivier Martinez, then he, too, will be coming after Halle for her money that she has worked so hard to accumulate. And it is unfortunate because Halle  should have have known better. The handwriting was on the wall in both these circumstances.
It is not that I  don’t get that she has to provide for the child’s financial care since she is the “moneyed” parent. But $16,000 is exorbitant. She is paying for Nahla and for this guy’s care as well and this is called palimony. But she was never married to this guy and thus palimony payments in this situation are totally bogus. I’m just saying.