PERU: Nazira Maria Cross arrested for allegedly poisoning her American husband and burying him in Nevada

The Black Widow
Is Nazira Maria Cross a “black widow”? She according to the New York Daily News was arrested in Peru ending a multi year manhunt by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Her crime? It is alleged that her husband¬†divorced her after he found out that she had embezzled a lot of money from his car dealership. After the divorce she somehow managed to get close enough to him to poison him then drove his half dead body to a ranch in Nevada that they co-owned and buried him on the ranch. Says the New York Daily News:

Courtesy of FBI/Courtesy of FBINazira Maria Cross, 48, was arrested in Peru Thursday after the body of her ex-husband, Michael Cross, was discovered buried at his Nevada ranch in 2008. A fugitive known as “The Black Widow” has been arrested in Peru after allegedly poisoning her husband in 2008 and faking her own death to collect life insurance payouts. Nazira Maria Cross, 48, was taken into custody by Peruvian National Police Thursday, ending a four-year international manhunt after her husband’s body was found buried at his Nevada ranch in 2008, the FBI announced.

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