STYLE: Divorce Tattoos

There are so many ways to celebrate a divorce these days, including with: divorce rings, divorce honeymoons, divorce spa treatments, divorce plastic surgery, divorce showers, divorce parties and now, I have learned, divorce tattoos. Lisa Thomson recently wrote an article about it  on Blogher called “Trend Alert: Divorce Tattoos…” She makes an interesting point about the permanence of the tattoo (it lasts a lot longer than most marriages) and how this permanent memory of your state of mind after divorce could trigger sad memories for the rest of your life.
A troll of the Internet reveals some interesting Divorce tattoos. Pinterest for example, has a whole bunch. One of my favorites was one that said, “Just when the Caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly.” A quick stop at Cafe Mom revealed some other  divorce tattoo ideas in a post titled, 8 Tattoos to Share Your Feelings About Divorce.
The decision of whether or not to get a divorce tattoo is a very personal one. For some people tattoos are an eye sore. For others, tattoos are beautiful and sexy. Look at Academy Award winner Angelina Jolie.  She wears her tattoos with the ultimate elegance; Not everyone can pull them off so elegantly as Angelina, however. But there is no denying that divorce tattoos seem to be growing in popularity. Getting inked with a permanent reminder of their divorce is increasingly a desirable option for a significant portion of the divorce population. On one website the author observed that Divorce Tattoos are now a “thing,” in her post, “Everybody Panic: Divorce Tattoos are a thing.”
The point of divorce tattoos, like all the other divorce “life & style” trends is to give people a different perspective on things; to help them to realize that there are umpteen ways they can turn their lemons into lemonade.