BRAZIL: Do major sporting events like the World Cup cause divorces to spike?

BRAZIL: The 2014 World Cup in Brazil raises some issues relating to the family. Apparently it is not uncommon to see a spike in divorces around the world during major sporting events like the World Cup. As it stands, a recent study suggests that in Brazil the divorce rate spiked by over 40% in the last two years and the reasons given were myriad and they include telenovelas and how these TV programs seem to wield a strong cultural influence in the country.  By all accounts the World Cup will probably not help the situation.
As a general rule, women are less interested in sports than men. This seems consistent around the world and across cultures and ethnic groups – it is not just in Brazil. In the Middle East, In Africa, In Europe and in both North and South America. – this is also true. It is not to say that ALL women are disinterested in sports. But the majority could care less. But that is beside the point. The question is why does sports and major sporting events lead to more unhappy marriages the world over? It is not that hard to analyze. Men get a little bit zealous about their sports and wives probably feel a little bit ignored. But is it just that? Why does such a transient event have such dire consequences for the long term health of some marriages? This is surely a question for a psychologist?
What are some of the ways that sporting events harm marriages?
1. Increased drinking which leads to domestic violence
2. Spousal neglect which leads to adultery
3. Verbal Conflicts and sparring when spouses support different teams
4. Child support issues when money is spent on games or game related events
5. Loss of privacy when a spouse brings people over to Watch the games (and they stay late)
6. Increased drug use
Suffice to say that there tends to be increase in divorce filings during major sporting events like the World Cup and everyone, not just those in Brazil, needs to pay attention and safeguard their relationships.