SILICON VALLEY: Naked Divorce Lawyer: A new digital board game

Have you heard of the new online board game, Naked Divorce Lawyer? Apparently it is the new rage for the underground internet techy type and was created by two divorce lawyers and I guess their techie friends in Silicon Valley and is set to launch next year. The objective is to disrobe the divorce lawyer who weirdly enough looks a lot like Russell Simmons. The winner gets to literally “take the shirt off the lawyer’s back.” Sounds fun, right? But the game is a sort of modern G-rated strip poker that blends Divorce legal trivia, divorce lawyer sex jokes (not sure if these are about the lawyer or the clients) and technology to take the participant on a mind-twisting journey of hilarious, raucous fun.   The winner can apparently get coupons they can cash in for digital currency or gifts like exotic vacations. What will people think of next???