How can divorce lawyers get page 1 ranking in Google searches? Get Google Juice!

Google Juice: How do lawyers get their websites on page one of Google?
Google can make or break a divorce lawyer’s career if you really think about it. This is true in New York as much as in other parts of the country and in the rest of the world, no doubt. But in New York, it seems that Google advertising is especially premium. Divorce Lawyers on the first 3 pages of Google (anything after page 3 is really irrelevant if you think about it)  are apparently paying close to $20 each time someone clicks on their ads. Can you imagine? That means if 10 people click on the ad, the lawyer has to dish out $200.00 per day! In seven days that is $1,400.00 and there is still no guarantee that the clients will call. Even assuming the clients do call, how many of these calls convert to paying clients is another question for which we do not have the answer. This is scary especially for less established law firms and solo practitioners who do not have the deep pockets to compete with their more established competitors.
But it apparently is not all lawyers who rank high on Google who pay the big bucks. Another aspect of where Google’s algorithms place an attorney’s website has to do with the type of key words the ad or website contains. The key to getting maximally juiced up on Google is to have a lot of content on your website with the juicy keywords that Google loves. What these are is any body’s guess. But according to Google, the following are popular searches by people searching for a divorce lawyer in New York:

  • New York Lawyer Reviews
  • New York Lawyer Free Consultations
  • International Divorce Lawyer New York

In browsing through some of the top ads for Divorce Lawyers in New York, I found the following words and phrases tor be recurring:

  •  Trusted divorce attorney
  • Top Divorce Lawyers
  • Dedicated divorce lawyer
  • aggressive and reasonably priced divorce lawyer
  • Personalized legal assistance for Family Law and Divorce
  • Fast and Easy Divorce
  • Free Consultation
  • Compassionate Divorce Lawyer
  • Top Quality Divorce Lawyer
  • Dedicated and Experienced Divorce attorney
  • Peer Endorsed Divorce Attorney
  • Free Case evaluation
  • Divorce attorneys with detailed profiles and recommendations

It is hard to say which combination of these is responsible for the high ranking of these lawyers’ websites. As noted earlier, many of them pay through the nose to get a page one ranking. But there are others that slip through no doubt. And it really is a question of how the lawyer’s strategic blogging and website content manages to pick up words ands phrases with a lot  of Google juice.
By the way, this post is relevant for divorce lawyers and solicitors outside of New York but obviously you would have to do a Google search in your area to see what the popular search terms are. There are many other popular searches for just about any area you can think of. The extent to which the lawyer’s website and blog posts include these key phrases, the higher the website will rank on Google. Or so the theory goes.