Divorce Saloon interviews Paris international divorce lawyer Noemie Houchet Tran

Madame Houchet Tran is from Normandy France. She currently has an office in the 14th arrondissement (she will be moving to the 17th soon to Rue Courcelles) of Paris where our international correspondent and she met for a chat about divorce.

Her bio:

Noémie HOUCHET-TRAN, as an English-Speaking French attorney, graduated from the University of Rouen with a master’s degree in International and European Law.


French attorney Noémie Houchet-Tran also graduated from the Sorbonne with a master’s degree in Business English and North-American Law.


Dedicated to international family law issues, attorney Noémie Houchet-Tran is admitted to the Bar in Paris, France.”

Listen to the audio below: