9 health benefits of divorce

There are some health benefits to divorce. Here are nine:
1) Lower blood pressure (with less fighting on a daily basis with someone living with you 24/7, your blood pressure is bound to recalibrate post divorce)
2) Reduced stress (what is more stressful than an unhappy marriage?)
3. “Safer” sex (in some instances divorce results in “safer” sex because single people are more likely to practice safe sex than married people. Because so many married people cheat on their spouses, married sex is some of the unsafest sex there is.)
4. Fewer Headaches (Marriage to the wrong person can give you big time headaches and godawful migraines. After a divorce, this tension will diminish and so will the headaches)
5. Fewer ulcers (Again, stress can cause ulcers; get rid of the source of the stress, and you’ll get fewer ulcers.)
6. Longevity (divorce can actually save you from premature death if it keeps you and your spouse from killing each other; but because you will have reduced stress, generally, after a divorce, it will also increase your life span, all other things held constant.)
7. Reduced cancer rates (unhappy marriages can cause or exacerbate cancer, especially breast cancer, studies show.)
8. Improved fitness (many newly divorced people start to exercise so that they can attract a new mate)
9. Fewer gray hairs (the stress of an unhappy marriage can literally turn your hair grey. A divorce will slow the process and because you are likely to be looking for a new mate, you’ll probably cover those hairs that have already greyed so now, post-divorce, you’ll have a healthy head of non-grey hair.)