NIGERIA: A school opens up for divorced child brides

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According to a recent Associated Press report, tween and teenaged ex-brides in Northern Nigeria have reason to be hopeful. A school has been opened specifically to cater to their education and to save them from a life of domestic abuse. The girls can learn skills such as sewing and English. Most of these girls have received no education and were married as young as 9 years old to the highest bidders – even though their illiterate husbands sometimes object to them “having too much ABCDs.”
Nigeria is said to have one of the highest child marriage rates in the world. In this mostly Muslim enclave in the country’s north, it is common practice for young children to be traded for the best dowry the family could get. The girl would then be beaten, raped and abused by her husband and his family (and sometimes her own!) bred like a cow and treated like a slave until, ostensibly, she dies. Many have run away from their abusive home only to turn to prostitution in order to survive. But with this new school that has recently opened, many girls have hope that they could change their future. Read more about this heartbreaking story here: