50 scandalous divorces of the rich and famous

scandalThe Billionaires
1. Edra Blixseth and Tim Blixseth (Pennsylvania, Montana, California) These billionaires used to party with Bill Gates and play golf with presidents. Since their divorce (which, by the way, was supposed to be uncontested and do-it-yourself initially, the wife won one of the main assets and now has filed bankruptcy on it since she can’t make her payments on her note. Just last month she threw the mother of all divorce yard sales to sell off a ton of furniture or other valuables to try to raise money. It may be karma. When they divorced, she threw a party and allegedly had guests fling darts or something at her husband’s head (in photo).
Allen Stanford and Susan Stanford (Texas, Antigua) The alleged ponzi schemer is a real ladies man. He has been unofficially separated from his wife for years even though they are still on such good terms that she shows up in court to show her support for him alongside his current girlfriend, ex-baby mama and a bunch of other woman. The scandal here is that the wife sued her attorney for malpractice now that all her husband’s assets have been frozen on the grounds that the attorney did not tell her about a settlement offer her husband’s attorney had made, prior to his arrest. It seems that Mrs. Stanford does not understand that even if she had taken that offer, more than likely everything she got in a  settlement would have been subject to forfeiture pursuant to RICO.
3. Henry T. Nicholas and Stacey Nicholas (California) When billionaires have a messy divorce it is really a messy situation. Nicolas and Stacey have been flinging allegations at each other left and right, including allegations that the other is a heavy drug user. He was even indicted. Says Wikipedia: “One of the indictments included drug and sex related allegations summed up by the The Times (London): “a sex cave”, “fully stocked warehouse of drugs”, and “a brothel’s worth of prostitutes on the payroll”. [4]However, the allegations made in the drug indictment largely come from two sources–Roman James and Kenji Kato–both of whom have filed separate, unrelated lawsuits against Nicholas.”
4. Steve Wynn and Elaine Wynn (Nevada).This story is scandalous because the Wynns have been married over 30 years when you tabulate both their marriages – to each other. This second divorce is supposedly on account of the fact that Steve has met and fallen for a British beauty who is about 30 years younger than his wife. The casino tycoon (a competitor of Donald Trump) is expected to have the most expensive divorce in Las Vegas history as a result.
5.Stephanie and Peter Brant (Connecticut) The billionaire art collector and horse-breeder and the Victoria’s Secret supermodel couldn’t be any more different if they tried. They really exemplify the saying, “opposites attract.” Although, technically they are not that different when you get right down to it. They both are heavily into beauty. Stephanie is into looking beautiful and Peter is into acquiring and collecting beautiful things. Their divorce isn’t all that pretty though. A lot of low-browed behavior from the two of them. The last things to hit the press is that Peter was accusing Stephanie of falsifying her urine samples. (He is accusing her of using drugs.)(this was called off!)
The CEO’s
6. Brady Dougan and  Tomoko Hamada Dougan (Connecticut) Brady is the CEO of Credit Suisse. His claim to fame is that he was ordered to pay a $1 million late fee for getting the alimony check to ex wife a couple of days late.
7. Countess Marie Douglas David and UTC CEO George David (NY and Connecticut) This Swedish countess and her CEO husband behaved scandalously, giving a bad name to aristocrats and high ranking corporate officials the world over. This divorce started in fall, 2008 but it was finalized in 2009. The countess and the ceo gave the tabloids serious juice for months with the he said/she said. We heard about his lingerie fetish, her cheating (“going off the reservation” as he put it) and their talks about IVF given their seeming inability to conceive a child together. On a scale of 1-10, this one was a 9.5 for scandaaaalous!!!
8. Denny Hecker and Tamitha Hecker (Minnesota): This auto mogul and his 42 year old wife are fighting over the money. He claims he’s bankrupt and owe his creditors hundreds of millions more than he is worth which means that he’s basically slyly trying to get out of  paying her the $15 million as provided in their prenup. Meanwhile he’s already shacking up with her replacement, a woman in her 30’s who the wife is afraid he will marry and thus dilute what she will get in her settlement. Denny is under investigation for bankruptcy fraud. On a scale of  1-10 this one gets about a 7.5
9.Steven Simkin and Laura Blank (New York) Bernard Madoff does it again. This partner at a white shoe law firm in New York was a heavy Madoff investor and when he divorced he gave his wife property and he kept his accounts with Madoff. Well, Madoff made off with the money and now the guy was left holding an empty bag. So he sued his wife to get back some of the money he gave her in the settlement. The court was like, nah-uh. Can’t do that. It’ s not your wife’s fault you made dumb investments. He’s probably going to appeal.
10. Steven Cohen and Patricia Cohen (New York)  These two were divorced years back but Steven was recently investigated for insider trading by the Feds and out of the blue the ex wife comes back and decides to slap him with a lawsuit saying he didn’t give her a big enough settlement since he had hidden all this money from his insider trading scam. So she brings a RICO suit in Manhattan Civil Court – which is bizarre so it’s totally scandalous. Our guess is that she wants his multi-million dollar estate in Greenwich.
11. Sue Decker and Michael Dovey (San Francisco) This former CEO or chairman (the wife, that is) of Yahoo was allegedly using drugshaving an adulterous tryst. She was also accused of bugging the home to spy on her husband. Oh vey.
12. Lisa Leder and Marc Leder (Florida) The big scandal here was that Lisa, a forty-something mother of three was ALLEGEDLY caught shagging the tennis instructor for the kids- an adolescent himself. Marc, a private equity guru, was understandably less than thrilled with the discovery. But so what if she’s a cougar? Why is that such a big deal?
The Celebrities and socialites
13. Paul Anka and Anna Anka (California) Paul thought he had hit gold when he asked this Swedish beauty to be his wife a year or so ago. What he didn’t bank on was her explosive temper which allegedly resulted in her gashing him with an ice cube last year. This year he had his fill of her following another explosive argument that involved a fired maid. At the time in question, Paul was living in a hotel and not at the family residence for some weird reason.
14. Usher and Tameka Raymond (Georgia) Usher and Tameka are this famous African American celebrity couple. They filed divorce just months after Tameka allegedly returned from Brazil where she was having cosmetic surgery procedures. All sorts of shenanigans went down, including one time when Usher accused  Tameka of “keying’ his car. But they were boring overall and it was scandalous for that reason of them being so boring.
15. Jon and Kate Gosselin (Pennsylvania) Jon and Kate have been embroiled in this media circus since they announced their plans to divorce earlier this year. The entire country went into shock when the parents of sextuplets announced that their story book marriage was over. In a matter of days Jon was photographed in France with a woman young enough to be his wife’s daughter, leaving a shocked and embarrassed Kate to explain to the world that “he is not the man I married.” In a matter of days, Jon was seen with a slew of different broads. And then he shut down the reality show that was going to support his eight kids. He’s so brilliant it’s scandalous.
16. Chris Brown and Rihanna (California) This break-up was technically not a divorce in the strictest sense but in another sense, it was a divorce. Their break up was a major divorce and the fall out for Chris was enormous for a minute in that he was the most reviled man in America. The 20 year old Chris came to infamy for beating the crap out of his superstar girlfriend because she questioned his texting history with other chicks. Her badly bruised face was all over the media and Internet for weeks. (they got back together briefly but then it just got messy and they split again, hopefully for the last time.)
17. Hugh Hefner and  Kimberly Conrad (California) – The octogenarian and his blond have been married and separated for years. But she decided that she wanted a cut of his empire since he’s been shacking up with two new “girlfriends.” Oh yea? Hugh is confused as to why Kim thinks she’s entitled to squat since he already has been so generous with her.
18. Rosie O’Donnell and Kelli Carpenter (New York) This gay couple may or may not be legally married given the change in law in San Francisco where they tied to knot a few years back. But the divorce rumors were pretty loud this past summer and early fall. Neither party ever came out and denied they were breaking up. But no news about a finalized divorce and custody arrangement for their adopted kids and Kelli’s biological kid have been released. The scandal here is…well, it’s Rosie. She’s pretty scandalous, isn’t she?
19. Sean Penn and Robin Wright Penn (California) By the time they finally filed for divorce and got divorced after two or three prior attempts to end the marriage, Robin and Sean were both ready to move on with their private lives. The media, to Robin’s chagrin had a field day. This one wasn’t that scandalous except back when Sean won the Oscar for Milk earlier this year, he did not thank Robin in his long list of people whom he thanked, even though she was sitting there in the front row with tears of joy for him that he had won. That’s a scandal as far as we are concerned.
20. Tinsley Mortimer and Topper Mortimer (New York)  This socialite and her husband Topper got married very young, got the marriage annulled, and remarried in their twenties. Rumor has it that some British guy came between them. Some aristocrat. Topper even supposedly asked the aristocrat to “step aside” so that he (Topper) could work on the marriage. But to no avail. The whole thing was all over the New York Post and New York Magazine. No word yet if the divorce has been finalized. (Word is the divorce was never filed but they are definitely not together.)
21. Corey Feldman and Susannah Feldman (California) why was this so scandalous? Well, it wasn’t. The most scandalous part was that Corey went to Michael Jackson’s memorial in full Jackson regalia.  But it sure was a surprise to learn he was ending his marriage.
22. J.Lo and Ojani (and that tape!) (New York) J.Lo is happily married to Marc Anthony. But this ex husband of hers, (She’s been married three times) is desperately trying to release these home videos of their honeymoon, including footage of her getting “spanked” and a bunch of others. She sued for an injunction and got it. So he was not able to release the footage. It would have been a big scandal to see Jenny from the Block in a situation like that, eh? (She is now split from Marc Anthony and recently her toyboy Casper Smart)
23.James and Lupe Marie Archuleta (Utah) American Idol David Archuletta’s parents) Mr. Archuleta was allegedly caught in a sting operation with his pants down apparently. The circumstances of his bust are a bit sketchy. But it seems that it involved adultery and a massage parlor and stuff of that nature. But don’t quote us. This is just what we read.
24. Ivana Trump and Rossano Rubicondi (New York) This was scandalous because, well, it’s Ivana’s fourth? husband? And this guy allegedly was cheating on her less than a year after the marriage.
25. Charlie Sheen and Brooke Meuller (Los Angeles) This divorce hasn’t yet dropped, but rumors are rampant that it is imminent following a domestic incidence in the couple’s rented house in Aspen this Christmas. By the time it was over, Charlie was looking all OJ, and ended up spending some time in the county jail. Brooke recanted and said she was drunk when she made the call. Apparently the cops did do a sobriety test and she did blow quite a whopper as compared to Charlie’s – allegedly. The only thing is it was 8:30 in the morning! The couple have young twins sons, about a year old.
26. Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins (Los Angeles) This was a stunner. These were technically common law spouses, together over two decades. They shared a lot in common including their political activism and two sons. So this was scandalously shocking.
27. Kellis and Nas (New Jersey)  These two were hip hop royalty and so it was shocking that they were getting divorced in the first place. But Kellis was pregnant to boot. So what ever went down must have been pretty intense.
 The Politicians
28. Jim Gibbons & Dawn Gibbons (Nevada)  This was scandalous because the Governor sent over 800 text messages to his lover on the People’s watch. He also compared his wife to an angry bird. He said “it’s like being locked in a phone booth with an angry ferret.” Ouch. No remorse!
29. Anna Loeb and Nick Loeb (Florida)  This one was scandalous because the senator was in a three man race for senator and could have won but  he had to withdraw on account of the fact that his wife went off to Sweden on holiday and allegedly, according to reports, met up and fell in love with someone from her past and then once back in Florida, there were some drunk driving allegations of an arrest? Huh? Mr. Loeb was understandably devastated by the turn on events and withdrew from the race since his personal life was in such turmoil.
30. Sarah Palin and Todd Palin (Alaska)  The Sarah Palin divorce rumors turned out to be untrue. They were started by one of her detractors who was also a school teacher up in Anchorage. As a result of this hoax he started on the Internet, he was reportedly fired from his job as a school teacher. Sarah went on to write a best selling book in which there was not even one mention of her almost son in law, the infamous playgirl poser, Levi Johnston.
 The International jet-setters
31. Silvio Berlusconi and Veronica Lario (Italy) You can just rename Silvio Berlusconi “scandal” That is his middle name Silvio Scandal Berlusconi. Just last week he got his face bashed in with a marble statue. His wife didn’t do it. But he’s been accused of cavorting with “minors” by his wife and he’s been known to be a bit of a male chauvinist around Italy and the world and that has a lot to do with why his wife shockingly asked for a divorce.
32. Duke and Duchess of Lugo (Spain) It is always scandalous when  royalty divorce, no matter the circumstances.
33.Boris and Galena Berezovsky (Britain) This scandalicious divorce has all the intrigue of a KGB spy thriller. It spans continents and involves many high profile politicians like Vladimir Putin.
34.Princess Caroline of Monaco and Prince Ernst of Hanover (Monaco) are rumored to be on the rocks in that royal mess they find themselves in called marriage. No official word yet from the principality, though, that there is any truth to these rumors.
35. Scot Young and Michele Young (Britain) Scot Young famously dispossessed himself of all his wealth and then told the court that he was too poor to pay his wife any alimony. The court threatened jail if he did not provide an accounting of where all the money vanished to. This scandalicious divorce is far from adjudicated.
 The Newsworthy regular gals and guys
36. Naina and Ritesh Karnick (Mumbai) This Indian woman wanted to divorce her American husband because he wanted her to wear tight skirts and act like an American who drank alcohol, ate pork and cooked beef for human consumption. Those things are rather scandalous in Mumbai for a traditional Indian woman to have to endure. The Indian courts granted the divorce, forthwith.
37.  David Goldman and Bruna Bianchi (Brazil, New Jersey) This Brazilian/New Jersey saga went on for years after the ex-wife died. She had abducted their son and taken him to Brazil, divorced her American husband ex-parte and remarried a Brazilian. Then years later she died in child birth. The new husband tried to keep the son. The American biological father kept fighting and just won his son back this Christmas after years of fighting in the Brazilian courts and diplomatic appeals from the U.S. state department.
38. Dalia & Michael Dippolito (Florida)  This gal wasn’t married a year to to guy before she hired a hitman to take him out. He had just conveyed his condo to her when she did that. The only problem is that the hit man she hired was a cop and they arrested her and threw her in the slammer after putting the whole thing – including all her fake tears when they did this sting on her pretending that they were cops who had come to tell her that her husband had been killed – on YOUTUBE. She’s awaiting a conviction for conspiracy to commit murder.
39.David Rockey and Peggy Rockey (Oklahoma) This guy disappeared for seven years and left his poor wife thinking he was dead. Then he matter of factly showed up full of apologies seven years later. She was so disgusted that he had left her to fend for herself and their young kids all alone all those years and had put her through such emotional turmoil thinking he had died, that she did the  only thing she could under the circumstance. She filed for divorce.
40. Steve Phillips and  Marni Philips (Connecticut)This one was scandalous because this guy, an ESPN sportscaster, was a serial philanderer, it seems and he messed with the wrong gal, a 22 year old with a Glenn Close complex. What did she do in retaliation after he dumped her? She wrote a letter to the wife and when that didn’t work, she hired somebody off Craigslist to call the wife and tell her all about the affair. Oh, and by the way, in the letter to the wife? She gave graphic details about the husband’s privates just to prove that she had seen it with his jockeys off. When the dust cleared, both husband and his mistress were fired from their jobs and the wife slapped his arse with a divorce petition. Gotta luv it.
41. Jamie Czerniawski and  Charles Czerniawski (New York) This woman came to infamy due to the fact that she was married and yet she was sending racy text messages to her fire fighter lover – really raunchy stuff that would make even an iron man blush. When they got busted, the text messages ended up all over the New York Post and the boyfriend had a lot of explaining to do to his fiancee, and her husband, but of course, asked for a divorce after she allegedly tried to attack him with a knife.
42. Dr. Richard Batista and Dawnell Batista (New York)  This doctor came to infamy for asking for his kidney back. The divorce probably was filed before 2009 but it was adjudicated in 2009 and the judge ruled against him and hinted he could be charged with criminal wrongdoing for asking for his kidney back. What kidney? Well the doctor had given his wife one of his kidneys when hers failed. But after the procedure, he alleges she had an affair with her physical therapist. So he wanted the value of the kidney $1.5 million or the kidney back as part of his equitable distribution package. Guess you are asking “what’s so scandalous about that?”
43. Ms. Houseman and Mr. Eric Dare (New Jersey). These two came to fame because they went to court over custody of the pet dog following their break up. The court in New Jersey was called upon to decide the visitation schedule of a pug because these two  adults couldn’t get their act together. As far as the waste of judicial resources? This was pretty scandalous, no question.
44. Paul and Stacey Duncsak (New Jersey)  This father in law was accused and convicted of shooting his son in law so that his daughter could get her hands on the estate money that the son in law/ex husband had left for the kids.
Corporate break ups
45. Martha Stewart and Kmart (New York) It is unclear what caused the breakdown in this marriage. But it seems that Martha has emerged unscathed and with her dignity in tact, so que sera, sera.
46.Aol and Timer Warner (New York) when AOL married Time Warner, everybody knew it was a train wreck waiting to happen. The divorce was expected and inevitable, but strategically smart when you get right down to it.
47.Shaq O’neal and Shaunie O’neal (Florida) Shaunie and Shaq are not strangers to divorce court. They have filed for divorce a couple of years back because Shaunie was buying real estate behind Shaq’s back and he didn’t like it so he filed for divorce. This time around, Shaq ticked off Shaunie. It is not clear if there is infidelity involved but she’s trying to bring the case in California (where she doesnt’ even live!) so that she can get as much money as possible from the big guy and she probably will clean house. But for her sake and his, thank god she’s not Swedish!
48.Tiger and Elin Woods (Florida)   These two haven’t officially declared divorce but all indicators are pointing to an imminent divorce. What was the big scandal? Well, Jeeze. Have you been living under a rock?
49. Andre Agassi and Brooke Shields (California) These two obviously divorced ages ago but it was only this year that Agassi copped to being a meth addict. This problem clearly factored into the break down of that marriage. And so that was a scandal we couldn’t ignore even if it transpired more than a decade ago.
50. Greg Norman and Chris Evert (Florida) This gentleman of golf left his wife Laura Andrassy for his wife’s best friend Chris Evert. He paid Laura or was ordered to pay Laura $105 million.   Then he hooked up and married Chris less than a year later; and less than a year from that date, he and Chris cried separation. Greg is in the news a lot because he’s been late on some payments to Laura and she’s taken him to court to make sure she gets every red cent her owes her.
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