How to get your money's worth when divorcing a dentist spouse


divorcing a dentist
Does your dentist see dollar signs in your mouth? (giggle)

DIVORCING A DENTIST: Like a lot of people, I hate dentists. Well, I shouldn’t sweep with such a broad brush. I hate some dentists not all dentists. I think some dentists  see dollar signs in their patients’ mouths and you just can’t trust their prognosis all the time. “Oh, really? I need 25 fillings, plus 4 root canals?” Then come to find out he doesn’t even have a valid dental license in your state – after the fact when you are practically comatose in an emergency room. I hear too many stories. I don’t trust ’em. Sorry. (# divorcing a dentist) but I do depend on my dentist to deliver me some beautiful teeth.
With that being said, I just flipped by this post on Google Blogs on how to value a dental practice when you are getting divorced. It was pretty good. The author pretty much outlines what the sources of revenue streams are for those types of professionals. They include furniture, real estate, supplies and sundries; patient charts; accounts receivable and collectibles and  “if it is a going business, the value of the practice is based upon its ability to generate a revenue stream for the owner.” No, I don’t know what a sundry is.
Obviously, as with any professional spouse, when you are getting a divorce from someone who has a professional license and their own business, like dentists,  (# divorcing a dentist) you must get an appraisal of the value of the business before you start to negotiate an equitable settlement. Also, it helps to have an expert testify at the trial about the value of the business.
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