Why did Jane Fonda really divorce Ted Turner?


Jane Fonda and Ted Turner divorced circa 2001. She has a new boyfriend now and she’s 71 years old now and they are still friends, her and Ted. But I wonder why they divorced in the first place? Jane was on the Oprah show a few years back discussing her post-Ted life and her new boyfriend and her acquired wisdom about life. She featured Ted in a clip and they seemed so warm towards each other. So it made me wonder why these two cuties divorced and why they couldn’t have spent the rest of their lives in wedded bliss?

Ted Turner and Jane Fonda circa 2000

Apparently, and according to Jane, they met right after her split from her second husband. Well, he called her after the divorce but she turned him down. He persisted and six months later, she said yes and they went on a date. They were married not long after that. The thing is, it turns out that they spent a lot of time apart, evidently, so that got in the way of communication – even when they were together. Also, according to some news reports, Jane converted to Christianity and this blew Ted away. What is Ted’s religion? I have no idea. I am tempted to think he’s either an atheist or a Jew. But whatever the facts, Jane’s conversion was a problem of some sort and didn’t help the marriage which was already coming apart at the seams.
Additionally, according to, I believe, an AP report at the time, Ted has admitted in a memoir that he’s bipolar. That’s ‘uge. (I left off the “h” on purpose to convey just the grand scale of being married to a bipolar person) My understanding is that bipolar people can really wreak havoc on their partners. It’s like, “oopsie daisy what did I get myself into?” a typical spouse will ask themselves. I’m speculating that maybe Jane found herself asking this question from time to time.
Other reports were that there was infidelity. I don’t think either Jane or Ted discussed this in their respective memoirs so maybe it wasn’t even true.
Theirs was a long term marriage – it lasted a decade. But in the end, Jane decided to file for divorce and now they are the best of friends, so that worked out in a way.
Whatever the problem was I doubt is was sex. Have you seen Jane lately? She’s 71 and still does workout tapes. On Oprah, she did this move where she squatted and held the position for nearly the entire segment. I can be her grand-daughter and I can’t do that for five minutes. So you know that Jane is seriously strong and in great shape. If anything, maybe Ted couldnt’ keep up with her….although, she did hook back up with another oldie fogie guy who seems a grandpa type. So maybe she doesn’t even care about stuff like that.
Still, I think it’s sad that Jane and Ted couldn’t make it work.
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