Save Marriage Money Therapy: save your marriage by doing this, not that

Save Marriage Money tips: Pull your marriage from the jaws of divorce

# save marriage: Hey dolls! So I thought I’d think up some money tips (you don’t know how funny that is) to save your marriage. I came up with a list of ten things which I think are fairly intelligent, all things considering.
Check em out :

1.Neither a miser nor a spendthrift be.
2. Avoid financial infidelity. (# Save Marriage)
3. Keep at least one separate bank account.  (# Save Marriage)
4. Have financial conferences at least once per month where you discuss the main issues, candidly, and you brainstorm what is the way forward and then you do the very best you can to execute.  (# Save Marriage)
5. Allow each other a little splurge here or there.  (# Save Marriage)
6. Use micro and macro economic principles as a guide (whatever the hell that means).  
7. Before you even marry, determine financial compatibility.  (# Save Marriage)
8. Understand that buying a house is not always financially efficacious (whatever the hell that means). 
9. Eat within your budget.  (# Save Marriage)
10. Practice shopping within your budget. Walmart has good bargains. So does Conways and the dollar store. I mean, Saks, Bergdorf, Neiman Marcus and Gucci are nice to look at in magazine ads; but if it’s not in the budget, don’t aggravate your spouse by going on shopping sprees there, just to impress your friends at work.  (# Save Marriage)
Ok that’s it. What do you think? Wicked smart, eh? Well, look, I have to work on a powerpoint presentation. The thing is seriously stressing me out. So I’ve got my classical music on to relax my nerves and I’m going to try to make a dent in it before going to bed. Plus, I have some “treaty” work I have to do (been slacking with that, big time) and then, I am preparing for a major life event as well. So that is it for tonight. Sorry I can’t entertain you more. But I just wanted to throw something up on the Divorce Saloon board since I haven’tin a few days. I didn’t want my poor little bloggy blog to feel neglected. 🙂 Oh, and I hope these tips help you SAVE your marriage, dolls!
originally published april, 2011
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