Should lawyers and judges be sanctioned for dropping the "F" bomb in court

I happened to come across this post from a few years back and it got me to thinking again of this issue we saw a few years back when a UKdivorce  judge dropped the “F” bomb in court – but in a poem. The poem spoke about how parents “F” up their kids. At the time, we thought it was a raucous day at TMZ DSI and we just went to pièces over here. But four years on, the issue is worth revisiting. Is cursing in court or on the bench a serious enough offence to say, get the divorce lawyer sanctioned or disbarred or having the judge removed?
I think for sure in the US, this would be a problem.  I can’t think of a single state in the Union whereby a divorce lawyer could get away with dropping the “F” bomb even if indeed it is in a poem to make a point. As for a judge? Ditto, although I think the judge has more wiggle room since the judge is the one who finds people in contempt and not the other way around. Still, the judge is not totally safe from suffering the conséquences of such an offense. The community would probably mutiny and he would be defrocked in the court of public opinion and eventually he would either (or she, no need to accuse me of sexism) step down voluntarily or brought up on disciplinary charges and asked to step down.
The question though is whether the uttering of the “F” bomb  should be treated as such a high crime and misdemeanor. After all, it is just an adjective – in most cases, a verb or adverb in others. And sometimes a noun. Or what is the other? An interjection? What is the big deal? My test for whether something is sanctionable is whether it would make “God” balk. Not to be irreverent. But this is my test. Would God frown on this behavior? I don’t think God would necessarily frown at the “F” bomb. I think it dépends on how it was used; it dépends on the context. But really, it is just another word that has no meaning in any other language than English. And what does it even mean? What is the meaning of this word quite seriously? It has absolutely no meaning! It is just a word. I mean, I do not advocate that divorce attorneys try it in court or anything. But I definitely don’t understand where, if it slipped out, or if it is used in a certain context, why this should result in a big federal case at the local courthouse. I’m just saying.