On the Page Six Divorce

Well, the good news about landing on the New York Post Page Six and having every body know all the sordid details of your divorce is, it means that you are important. You are a VIP. You are either a celebrity or a socialite. You are definitely rich. And you most certainly are newsworthy. And, it also means your kids will mercifully learn about your divorce from the newspaper (sort of the way the Trump kids apparenlty learned that Marla was telling folks that Donald was the best se_ she ever had from the paper back in the 90’s when he was divorcing Ivana) thus saving you from having to do the dirty work yourself.
The bad news is that before the divorce is even filed, everybody knows that you were caught with your pants down, shagging another man or woman, even though you’re supposed to be married to someone else.
This is exactly what happened to Donny Deutsch, an advertising mogul who’s got a show, “the Big Idea” over on NBC. According to Page Six, Mr. Deutsch has been “fooling around with a married woman – and they got caught.”
The married woman in question is Lisa Sandler, wife of hedge fund manager Andrew Sandler. Lisa was caught by a private detective kissing Messr. Deutsch! As a result, her husband has filed for divorce in Nassau County (out in the Hamptons area) and neither her attorney nor the attorney for her estranged husband are returning the media’s calls. I don’t blame them.
Lisa is definitely busted – big time. If the surveillance does show she was kissing another man, even once, that is adultery and her husband can get a divorce on that basis. If there was no prenup, she will get her equitable share of the marital estate. Equitable does not mean equal, but it means she won’t come out of it penniless either, unless her husband got wiped out in the current financial melt down.
Her boyfriend is not exactly poor, though, and if things heat up with them, and they get married, she may make out okay. According to Page Six, “Deutsch, who has been renovating a $21 million townhouse on East 78th Street, last year bought a 3.3-acre estate on East Hampton’s posh Further Lane for $29 million.” I bet you that is a really nice spread he’s got on the East End. She won’t exactly be slumming.
But it’s not as if her husband can refuse to pay alimony or anything like that (assuming Mr. Deutsch is just fooling around with her and does not have marriage on the brain, because, by the way, if he does marry her, her hedge fund ex won’t have to pay her any more alimony). The fact that she committed adultery does not affect what she gets in the divorce, unless there are egregious circumstances that “shocks the conscience” of the court. Kissing another guy is not all that shocking anymore. It comes with the marriage, almost, sort of the way a herniated disc comes with the car in a personal injury case.
As for others who find their divorce business spilled all over Page Six, take heart. It really does mean that you are relevant. And who doesn’t want to be relevant? Better said, who wants to be IRrelevant? Take heart.