10 Benefits of divorce in emerging economies like Mexico, Brazil and China

An article in Business Week seems to suggest that there may be some serious benefits to having the option to divorce for people – women in particular – in emerging economies such as Mexico, Brazil, China, Thailand and South Korea. These benefits include:
1. Lower maternal mortality rate and a lower fertility rate as well
2. Lower infant mortality rate
3. Lower suicide rates for women
4. reduced gender inequality
5. Higher rates of eduction (and more college educated people) for both men and women but in particular for women
6. Greater social development and stability
7. Greater economic development
8. Greater participation by women in the political process in their countries (and greater percentage of women in political leadership positions)
9. A greater percentage of women who feel in control of their lives
10 Reduced rates of domestic violence
Interestingly, the benefits of divorce for women in the West were not so pronounced according to the article and this does not come as a big surprise. Indeed, divorce is viewed more negatively in the West than in places like Mexico and South Korea. High divorce rates have long been associated with higher levels of juvenile delinquencies, teen pregnancies, high school dropouts and the impoverishment of women and children – not to mention a high number of 40 year olds getting therapy for their parents’ divorce – albeit an event that occurred more than 30 years in the past. Why the difference? Read more at Business Week: www.businessweek.com