Does a child's gender influence the likelihood of parental divorce?

A report on Psych suggests that a child’s gender may be linked to the likelihood of parental divorce in America. It appears there is a link to the child’s gender and the father choosing to stay or leave the marriage:

Researchers have known that in the U.S. couples with daughters are somewhat more likely to divorce than couples with sons.
This knowledge has led many scholars to imply that daughters cause divorce.
However, new research from Duke University suggests something quite different may be at play.
In the study, researchers discovered girls may be hardier than boys, even in the womb, and may be better able to survive pregnancies stressed by a troubled marriage.
Previous studies have argued that fathers prefer boys and are more likely to stay in marriages that produce sons. more

What the study seems to suggest is that it is not a function of “girls causing divorce.” It is more a function of there being more girls to start with since girls are “hardier” and survive stressful pregnancies to a greater extent than boys, to begin with. Then once the child arrives – girl or boy – there are more divorces when there are girl children than¬† boy children. Again, this could be a numbers game. There are simply more girls than there are boys in the population in the United States. It is not that dads like their sons best.