THE HAMPTONS: Divorce of Alison v Andy Brod hits the press

The Daily News reports that an Anonymous divorce filing in New York Supreme is really that of a PR maven Alison Brod and her handsome hubby Andy Brod. At issue in the case according to the DN:

The fight will center around their Frank Lloyd Wright-inspired $13 million Hamptons mansion, their $8 million Fifth Avenue pad, Alison’s approximately $10 million company, and their 7- and 8-year-old sons.

But actually who are these people? The Daily News says:

Alison — who is famous for having an entirely female 66-person staff working out of a pink Park Avenue office — brought the contested divorce proceeding against her hubby of almost 20 years in April.

So it appears that Ms Brod is the moneyed spouse in this relationship and the judge who granted the seal is Deborah Kaplan. No word on who broke the seal of secrecy. It would be incredibly interesting to know how Judge Kaplan came to the decision to seal the divorce of a public figure like that.
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OOPS… we have the New York papers mixed up folks. It is Page Six of the New York Post, not the Daily News! Sorry! This is what happens when you blog while driving.