2 preposterous hip hop divorce rumors?: Amber v Wiz + Beyonce v Jay Z

Two of hip hop’s royal houses are rumored to be waxing towards divorce court. To wit: Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa and Beyonce and Jay Z Carter.
First, the House of Carter. Beyonze and Jay Z have been dogged with divorce rumors for a while and things just got out of control after Solange Knowles, Beyonce’s sister, went to town on the rapper mogul in an elevator a few months ago. Cheating rumors (of Jay Z not Beyonce) began to fly. The royal couple has not responded or issued any press releases to set the record straight which itself is curious. But chances are if indeed this marriage implodes, this couple will do it Gwyneth Paltrow style and “consciously uncouple” rather than have a classless spectacle (that includes custody battles over cute little Blue Ivy Carter). But time will tell. We shall have to wait and see.
As for the house of Khalifa these two have been married just about one year at this point. Nobody was more in love than they just one year ago. But Amber is now becoming a star in her own right with movie and TV deals as well as endorsements. She also just launched on online store which she recently announced on Wendy, the popular talk show in New York. Wiz could be feeling a bit threatened. He may be starting to think that Amber is an opportunist who is using him to get famous and this could totally destroy the marriage if he starts to share those sentiments with his lovely wife.  When asked what she and Wiz would do for their first anniversary, Kanye West’s ex, Ms Rose, all but smirked (a decidedly different face & surprisingly sour! than the one she had last year when she used to routinely overshare on every intimate detail about their relationship, including sexual positions during her pregnancy). But it could be that she now wants to be private and keep her intimacies like her wedding anniversary to herself. It does not necessarily mean that she is on the verge of a divorce.