CHICAGO: Hedge fund billionaire Ken Griffin files for divorce from Anne Dias Griffin

Ken Griffin v Anne Dias Griffin: A billionaire couple calls it quits with whiplash filing by husband while wife vacationed in Europe with their young kids
When billionaires divorce, there is usually going to be a little bit gossip about it – especially over at Page Six where Emily Smith does a great job keeping up with these things and simplifying them for us lay people to understand. Today’s latest is the Griffins of Chicago.
Ken and Anne Griffin are a really attractive couple in Chicago who have amassed a heck of a nest egg with their respective hedge funds. Emily  has divulged the following about the hedge fund billionaire:

Hedge fund billionaire Ken Griffin could be about to lose a chunk of his estimated $5.5 billion fortune
On Wednesday, the founder of Citadel LLC, the largest hedge fund in Chicago, filed for divorce from his wife of 11 years, Anne Dias-Griffin, the founder of hedge fund Aragon Global Management.
The situation is acrimonious after Ken, the world’s 270th-richest man, filed while Anne was taking their three kids, ages 6, 3 and 2, on vacation to London.
A source said, “She was blindsided.”

According to Emily, Anne is being repped by a pit bull of an attorney named Robert S. Cohen. He represented folks like Christie Brinkley and other heavy weights in their divorces. So this should work out for Anne.
Apparently the pair does have a prenuptial agreement however this document does not cover all their assets. Anne is expected to challenge the terms of the prenup which apparently gives Mr Griffin the lion’s share of their art collection and other assets while it reserves a cash payment for Anne. The terms do not leave her destitute but certainly it sounds like she will be slightly “disadvantaged” compared to her husband – as many women tend to be in these high profile, big money divorce cases.
Despite her good looks, Anne is not a gold-digging trophy wife. She is a very, very accomplished woman. The New York Times describes her as follows:

Every bit as driven as Mr. Griffin, Ms. Dias Griffin — a Harvard Business School graduate who started her career at Goldman Sachs — worked at Soros Fund Management and Viking Global before founding Aragon. Before Wall Street, Ms. Dias Griffin briefly tried her hand at journalism, spending a summer as an intern at The Financial Times, where she wrote about United States aid to India and loans to help rain forest conservation in Latin America.

The couple has been separated for about a year and have been negotiating a divorce so it is confusing why Anne was “blind-sided” by the filing. But it would be interesting to see how skilled Robert Stephan Cohen really is. It is definitely going to take skill to set aside this prenup.