For immediate release: Divorce Saloon officializes its status as the World's first Divorce Newspaper

July 27 2014
For Immediate Release: We are officially the world’s first divorce newspaper
Divorce Saloon International Inc. has officialized its status as the world’s first newspaper dedicated to “all things divorce.” We have upgraded our legal status to that of a corporation.
As the world’s first Divorce Newspaper, Divorce Saloon International Inc. will continue to provide readers and patrons with:

  • Divorce News from all states in the Union and also from around the world
  • Divorce information for international divorce filers (health, money, real estate, legal, FAQs)
  • Divorce tips including a “how to” section, a marriage section; and  Q&A section
  • Divorce resources for individuals getting divorced and divorce professionals (including CLE, Webinars and retreats)
  • Post-divorce dating tips( a state of the art dating site is under construction)
  • Divorce lawyers and lawyers directories
  • Divorce gossip (celebrities, sports starts, billionaires, politicians and newsworthy individuals)
  • Divorce “Life & Style” tips and ideas
  • Profiles, Podcasts, Book Reviews and Interviews
  •  Divorce online coaching

Divorce Saloon International, Inc. was started in 2006 as a blog by New York licensed attorney Lawyer X.  It has since evolved into a divorce newspaprer – the first of its kind in the world. Our decision to incorporate will allow us to better serve our readers and advertisers as well as facilitate our ability to acquire sponsors and shareholders with a shared vision.
Divorce Saloon owns the following copyrights and trademarks:

  • “Divorce Saloon”
  • “Let’s Talk Divorce”
  • “Divorce Success Stories”
  • “Titans 10” (International Divorce lawyer and judges rating system)