FLORIDA: Dan Markel and Wendi Adelson's custody and financial battle at center of police investigation

Dan Markel’s ex wife Wendi Adelson is not a suspect in his murder but the FSU clinical law professor might as well be given how everyone in the media keeps emphasizing the fact that she and her gunned down husband were recently divorced (2 years ago!) and were in the midst of a custody and financial battle just before he was murdered.   The Daily Mail wrote:

Markel and his wife split two years ago and their divorce became final on July 31 last year.

They were currently involved in a legal dispute regarding their finances and custody issues.

Judkins said Professor Adelson is co-operating with police and is not considered a suspect Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk

Wendi must be in a lot of turmoil right now because obviously, she has to be a little bit suspicious till she can clear her name definitively. The only good thing is that the suspect is described as a “gunman” and this clearly is not a description that fits Wendi. But there is talk now that the killing may have been a contract killing which means that the gunman was paid to pop off professor Markel – and this again could implicate her or certainly shine an unwanted neon light on her till she is able to definitively clear her name.  The FBI apparently also suggested that professor Markel knew his assailant and that robbery was not the motive. So what does this mean?

This is not the time to point this out, but Wendi Adelson is a very attractive, young woman. Some might even describe her as “hot.” This may not relevant to this case and it could even be inappropriate under the circumstances to point out something like this. But might it  be a clue to the whole mystery. A young, hot, law professor  is embroiled in a custody battle with her husband who is mysteriously gunned down in his own garage by a “gunman” who is  “somebody he knows.”

This is the type of circumstantial stuff that can get people into a lot of trouble. But ask yourself: “what possibly could be the motive here?” and then, “who are the types of people a law professor knows?”

It is so unfortunate for Wendi to find herself in the middle of this mess. But it is nearly impossible not to look at certain scenarios in trying to solve this mystery. We do wish her the best in definitely clearing her name because  chances are that she had  absolutely nothing to do with this.