FLORIDA: Dan Markel Wendi Adelson updates: murdered FSU professor described his divorce from Wendi Adelson as "Pearl Harbor"

Above the Law, a popular NYC blog, had the following updates to the mysterious murder of FSU professor Dan Markel:

Markel left behind two young sons and an ex-wife, Wendi Jill Adelson, also an FSU professor. Their divorce was acrimonious, punctuated by dozens of court dockets, hearings and a protracted custody battle over their two boys. Markel described the day Adelson left him as his “Pearl Harbor,” friends told ABC News. Markel told friends that, without warning, Adelson had packed up the house and the children and left while he was away on a business trip.
Police spent hours questioning Adelson, and questioned many others who knew him well, but have named no suspects.

If indeed he described his divorce in this way, it does shed a lot of light on the circumstances surrounding that split. It does not mean Wendi had anything whatsoever to do with it. But clearly the police cannot just ignore this situation of their past. It is logical that they spent hours questioning her. Still, the person who did this may not be directly associated with Ms Adelson at all. It could just be someone who sympathised with her. Someone who admired her.
But the important question is what will happen to those two boys if their mom finds herself in any legal quagmires. It is unlikely she will be in any trouble since, again, she is not a suspect at this time. Some of his friends have suggested that he made some enemies with his blogging and other legal literature he authored. It is hard to imagine what he could have said and about whom to have warranted this much rage that someone waited for him in his garage and shot him in the head because of something he said on a blog. But stranger truths have occurred. Who knows what triggers certain people to violence and rage?
As for the boys, notably, some academic friends of Professor Markel have started a fund on behalf of the boys. The last I heard it was up to $50,000. That was a few days ago. Presumably it has at least doubled by now.  Whatever becomes of them, it is unlikely  they will lack for money.