FLORIDA: Wendi Adelson petitioned the court to relocate with her young sons but was denied

As more dribs and drabs of information come in, we begin to get a clearer picture of Dan Markel and Wendi Adelson’s divorce and custody battle.
According to the Miami Herald, Wendi had requested permission from the court to relocate with the boys so that she could be near her family and take a new job in a law firm. As has been reported, Wendi was, like her deceased husband, a professor at Florida State University.
The Miami Herald and a few other publications have indicated that his lawyers have said that Mr Markel was blindsided by Wendi’s request for a divorce. Indeed, he had been away for a few days on business and upon his return, he discovered his wife and two sons had moved out. Apparently she did not disclose her true address for quite some time. This is very interesting from a legal perspective because in New York, if a parent moved out with minor children like that, it would be considered kidnapping. And might even be a basis for the parent to lose custody of the child. Normally, a parent can’t just upshtick like that and take the kids. So it is questionable whether this report about Wendi Adelson is accurate.
But apparently, she really wanted to leave town just before Dan was killed. I am guessing that she will get her wish now that he is dead. But I bet she would gladly stay put if her and the kids could have him back again. How sad.