The Legal repurcussions of a divorce between Beyonce & Jay Z

First of all, are Beyonce and Jay Z really getting divorced? As Huffpost noted this morning “the rumors are getting crazier and crazier.”
What I know for sure
Everybody knows that I don’t know ANYTHING about hip hop or the music industry so I am the last one to try to guesstimate about this story coming from Page Six that Beyonce and Jay Z are getting divorced. It’s a shame really that I know so little about it; but this it is what it is. But even though I don’t know anything aboutit, I do know that Beyonce and Jay Z are the king and queen of the principality; and I do know they used to be friends with Kanye West (I even know he dissed Taylor Swift for Beyonce a few years back) until they dissed Kanye by skipping his Italian wedding to reality star, Kim Kardashian. I also know that Jay and Bey (these are their nicknames in case you have been living under a rock) are, or at least, used to be, BFF with Gwyneth Paltrow and Cris Martin (that is before Gwennie and Cris consciously uncoupled back in March of this year.)
Page Six’s Theory
But as little as I know about the world of Hip Hop, I do know that there are rampant rumours, which have just been confirmed by Page Six, that Beyonce and Jay Z’s marriage is on its way to an epic crack up. This all started a few months back when Beyonce’s sister Solange (yes, I know her name too) apparently went apeshit crazy all over Jay Z in a hotel elevator. Nobody knew for sure what the heck Solange’s problem was but just a few minutes ago, I hit up Page Six for the daily gossip only to find out that the “problem” is believed to be infamous ex girlfriend of Chris Brown and Hip Hop princess (something tells me this is an inaccurate characterization of what she does but you get the drift) R.I.H.A.N.N.A. Apparently, and according to Page Six, there is something untoward going on with Jay Z and Rihanna. This sounds to me as wholly and totally ridiculous – almost as ridiculous as when the rumour that Brad Pitt was dating Angelina Jolie erupted back in 2005. I can’t for the life of me, believe that Jay Z would leave Beyonce for Rihanna. This makes aucune sense.
Obviously, I  am not privy to the sources that Page Six is privy to so I cannot say that Page Six is right or wrong. I cannot vouch for the veracity of what was reported; but the authors claim that they are getting this information from an inside source that the Beyonce/Jay Z marriage is decidedly on the rocks on acccount of an affair  he had with Rihanna. It is unclear whether this is expected to end in a divorce or just a conscious uncoupling like their friends Gwyneth and Cris. Writes Page Six:

The question now is whether to stay married while essentially living separate lives — becoming the Bill and Hillary of hip-hop — or publicly divorce. Ultimately, it will be about the brand. “There’s face-saving involved — they don’t want to be looked at like other celebrities out there,” says the source. “They are business people first, entertainers second. Husband and wife comes somewhere down the line.”

Rihanna??? For heaven’s sakes, Rihanna??? That is incredible. I find it a bit curious, the timing of the crack up (or anticipated crack up) of Beyonce and Jay Z’s marriage, so close on the heels of Gwyneth and Cris’ uncoupling. I know there is such a thing as divorce contagion. Research has shown that divorce comes in clusters and that friends tend to divorce when they are in a circle of friends that is hit by a divorce filing. So it could just be that they caught the divorce virus from Gwyneth and Cris and that it in fact has zero to do with Rihanna. But then I wonder about other more insidious possibilities. For example, what if Cris has fallen in love with Beyonce? What if Jay Z has fallen in love with Gwyneth? What if that, as outlandish as it sounds (remember Brad and Angelina???), is the real issue? Think about it. Haven’t you noticed that the Beyonce/Gwyneth/Cris/Jay Z love fest seems to have waned? When was the last time either of these people publicly displayed their mutual love fest for the other? Think about it? Sure, I could be grasping; it’s a slow news day over here. But to me my theory is more plausible than Jay Z leaving Beyonce for Rihanna. Nothing against Rihanna. She seems like a nice, young girl. But she doesn’t strike me as having enough star power to be the impetus behind the crumbling up of the marriage of the Royal Couple – THE KING AND QUEEN – of Hip Hop. It has got to be a bigger, more salacious story than that.
But what if it is true: What are the legal issues?


But what if it is true and they get divorced? What are the legal issues? Well, it is doubtful they got married without a prenup first of all. Six year ago when they tied the knot, Jay Z was definitely richer than Beyonce and he more than likley wanted to protect his wealth in case of divorce. A guy like him would definitely have insisted on a prenup. However, after their marriage, they could have also executed a post nup as they both became even wealthier. Further, the prenup could have had an expiration date. They have been together about a dozen years but married for six. Usually prenups have predictable expiration dates like “10 years” or something like that. In Beyonce and Jay Z’s case, who knows. They seem to thrive on being “different” from the norm so they could have chosen a weird expiration date, like 13.6 years or something like that.
One of the hairy issues will be the postnup deal they signed where Jay Z became Beyonce’s manager after she fired her longtime manager. So there is a major contract there that could be worth a lot of money that could survive their marriage. This is going to be seriously awkward.
It is highly unlikely that such a private couple would use any other grounds than “irreconcilable différences.” It could happen contrarily but it would be embarassing for them to air all their dirty laundry at this point after keeping things so private for their entire Relationship starting with their secret marriage six years ago. For all anyone knows they are secretly getting divorced as we speak.
They could have a fight over custody of Blue Ivy, their only daughter but it is doubtful. It would be hard for either of them to accuse the other of being a bad or neglectful parent with all the public displays of affection they have shared on Instagram and elswewhere. But who knows what goes on behind closed doors? Chances are they will get shared custody and that is really what they both should aspire to. Blue Ivy needs both her parents.
Asset distribution
They have a lot of assets that include real estate in New York, New Jersey and elsewhere. They are even rumored to own a private island. Jay Z has a restaurant (where he is rumored to have been meeting up with Rihanna) and shares in hôtels and other major investments. Obviously, they have a lot of cash as well. Beyonce has her endorsements, her cash, jewelry and clothing line. Jay may even have a clothing line as well. They also have a fleet of very expensive cars that include Bentleys and Ferraris. In fact, these two have more assets than can be quantified in this post since we obviously are not privy to all of it. But Forbes Magazine has once described them as a billionaire couple. So there will be a lot of assets to distribute. Again, this will all depend on the prenup if one exists. What is separate property and what is marital property is left to be seen; especially if there has been a lot of commingling over the years.
Order of Protection
It is highly unlikely that these two will need an order of protection from the other but if anything, it is probably Beyonce who will need one from her husband. Usually it is the husbands who get violent in these situations. Jay Z also has a history of violence. Not with his wife but he has had a very violent past. If this thing gets ugly, then Beyonce may need to ask for an OP. But it is highly doubtful that he would ever lay a hand on his wife. He barely seemed capable of fighting back when Solange went at him like a raging tiger the other day.
They will more than likely sign a confidentiality agreement in an effort to keep the truth private. He will likely pay her big bucks for that. So there is unlikely to be a tell all book or memoir if these two do decide to divorce. Actually, this could already be in the prenup if they have one.
They are likely to try to get their divorce sealed. Depending on which state they get divorced in, they could manage to pull that off. I strongly doubt it though. But it dépends on their divorce lawyer and how skilled he or she is.
Divorce Lawyer
Who will they hire? Celebrities tend to go with “celebrity lawyers.” These two will not be any different. As far as I am concerned, they should hire one of the lawyers we selected for this year’s Titans 10.