UTAH: Mandatory Divorce Education Class now the law

Divorce in Utah
Last year, a Utah legislator proposed a bill that would require anyone petitioning the courts of Utah for a divorce to first attend a divorce class to become educated about how divorce affects children; and other divorce issues more generally. That bill is now the law in Utah. Anyone seeking a divorce in the Utah courts must first provide the court with proof that they have attended this Divorce orientation class. There are actually two classes they must attend according to one of the websites we found:

Utah Divorce Education Class

What is Divorce Education Class?
The Utah Divorce Education Class is required for anyone seeking a divorce in Utah that is a parent or legal guardian of children under the age of 18. There are 2 divorce education classes; Divorce Orientation and Divorce Education Divorce Orientation cost $25 per person and Divorce Education cost $30 per person. One can take both classes on the same day and both classes combined are for 3 hours. You are not required to take these classes with your spouse. Parents can attend these classes separately or together, it is up to you. The Divorce classes are designed to education parents on what to expect after the divorce, from financial issues to issues with how their children will adapt to the separation of their parents. Children are not allowed to attend the classes with their parents, but you are allowed to bring a family member or friend to watch your children outside of the classroom. More
What are the consequences of failing to attend the class?