Is marriage a financial trap for successful black men?

Are successful black men too afraid of divorce to get married?

Many of today’s successful African American men choose to remain single rather than get married and risk ever getting a divorce. This includes successful athletes, rappers and actors like Sean P Diddy Combs, “50 cents,” and Jamie Foxx. Why is this? Why do so many successful black men choose to remain bachelors for so long? One theory is that they are afraid of getting trapped in a situation that could cost them big bucks down the road (even with a prenup) when the inevitable divorce happens. So instead of getting married, they all seem to settle for the proverbial “baby mama” who they may owe the usual child support check, but who does not get the alimony, maintenance and fifty percent of all his income for life. So they remain bachelors ostensibly to protect their wealth from the proverbial “gold diggers.”
The fact that marriage could end in divorce (and thus result in a financial liability) does not seem to stop men of other racial groups from getting married the way it seems to scare successful black men. This could just be a flawed perception but there just seems to be a high number of successful black men who eschew marriage. There are the exceptions of course. And when it is done right, when the successful black man marries, it is usually for life or close to that, one could argue. Take for example Bill Cosby, Will Smith, Samuel L Jackson, Denzel Washington and Barack Obama. These are succesful black men who took the risk and who are seemingly unafraid of marriage or the financial trap it may turn out be if a divorce happens. Chances are, none of these guys even have a prenup. But for a huge percentage of today’s generation of young, successful black men it seems they are avoiding marriage in order to preserve their wealth.
What do you say to that?